The BlockScience Labs Platform is an open-core SaaS web application that provides decision-makers a seat at the table and enables better collaboration, transparency, and on-demand analytics access. With our platform, ensembles of multidisciplinary teams can design, build, and publish their system models, analyses, and research in order to find solutions for complex decision needs.

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Why BlockScience Labs

Connect Teams, Enable Insights, and Track Decisions.

Supporting decision-makers using Data Science involves many people and the creation of a lot of information. This can get messy fast, and unless processes stay consistent and organized, stakeholders can have trouble getting holistic visibility into what is happening, and teams are not able to scale. That’s why we started BlockScience Labs, a central hub for data science that enables better collaboration, increases the visibility and transparency of analytics and provides decision-makers with a seat at the table.


Big Solutions Need Collaboration for Success

The BlockScience Labs Platform is a web application that supports both Data Scientists (multi-disciplinary teams of engineers) and Executives to minimize the friction in solving complex business challenges with a platform that removes both the information and progression silos in coming up with the optimal business solution. We scale collaboration, production, and knowledge by understanding that when empowered by flexible and unobtrusive tools, key contributors produce insights by which others level up and benefit. The communities supporting these leaders bring the message far and wide when provided the means to the interface.

Better Methods. Better Tooling. An Interface That Produces Results

BlockScience Labs For the Engineer

Problem Framing

Understand, define, and document the business problem. Gather all relevant context and existing documentation in one place.

Experiment Planning

Create a living document to track your hypotheses and how you will test them. Setup new experiments from your planning document with the click of a button.

Model Coding

Create, collaborate, store, and share your code from a single source without the need to manage local environments.

Simulation Analysis

Perform all your post-processing in a collaborative environment. Allows easy access for others to reproduce and verify your work. You can also easily re-run (and version control) your simulation with new parameters.


Single source of truth for all documentation for your project, allowing for easier collaboration and verification of your work.

Result Sharing

Acts as a simple presentation layer for your work, allowing you to invite your stakeholders to review the conclusions of your analysis and offer their feedback.

Problem Framing

Submit and prioritize complex business problems. Ensure that your team is answering the right questions and defining what success looks like.

Data Understanding

Ensure that the right data is matched to the business problem. Identify data biases and gaps that require assumptions and make sure those assumptions are aligned with how a decision will be executed.

Analysis Iterations

Full visibility into the progress of your analytics team so that you can stay informed and have the peace of mind that you can intervene if the scope increases.

Actionable Intelligence

An analysis presentation layer that gives you the hands-on ability to run your own what-if analysis and better understand the results to maximize understanding before making complex business decisions.


Data-Driven Decision Making
for Executive Leaders

A Collaborative platform without
analytical silos

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Connect Teams, Enable Insights, and Track Decisions.